Hello friends, today I’m excited to announce something special: Simple Type Club! A very special calendar-year 2024 subscription which bundles all of our typefaces along with other great perks through December 31, 2024.

I wanted to rethink the concept of a “fonts bundle” and add some other perks, community opportunities, and camaraderie. This is a first pass at something that (I hope) could evolve into a little community of sorts. Here’s what’s in store starting today:


You’ll get lifetime licenses to all the typefaces we’ve made—plus any additional fonts that we release throughout 2024.


We’ll do quarterly, members-only, livestream Q&A sessions to talk fonts, type design tips & tricks, design & business stuff, and other arguably-interesting topics TBD. Have an idea or request for these meetings? Please let us know! I anticipate doing these in April, June, September, and December.


We’ll share in progress typefaces to test before they’re released—plus STC members will have access to finished fonts before the general public. The first being our brand new one, Paint Factory!


Members will be sent an official STC lapel pin + membership card, sticker pack, and other goodies (small shipping fee applies for addresses outside the US).


Enjoy a 15% off discount throughout all of 2024 to our growing warehouse of type and design-related goods: Tees, mugs, stickers, patches, prints, books, etc.

This is somewhat of an experiment, so I very much appreciate anyone considering joining. One thing I miss from the early Dribbble days is the niche community we created—it was truly a supportive and positive place. Perhaps STC could chase some of that ethos. And hey, if it doesn’t work, it’s a still a great deal with all the fonts :)

See the STC product page for more info, including a FAQ answering what are likely to be important questions (Like, “Hey I already purchased all your fonts!”)