Hi, I’m Dan Cederholm. Currently, I’m owner & maker of Advencher Supply Co., host of The SimpleBits Show podcast, and previously co-founded Dribbble. I'm a designer, author, speaker, accidental-entrepreneur, and dad in real life.

SimpleBits is the umbrella under which I make stuff. I also take photos, share short thoughts on design and the universe, very rarely record music, and used to write longer thoughts here (though maybe that'll happen again someday). I'm based in Salem, Massachusetts.

Twenty Bits I Learned About Design, Business & Community

A self-published, mini-memoir with mid-century aesthetics and argulably-artistic doodles. Lessons learned over the course of a decade designing and creating a community for creative folks (Dribbble). A fun little hardcover book for designers, community builders, and creative business leaders. Also available as an eBook.

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