Supply & design since 2002. SimpleBits is a tiny design company and shop founded by accidental-entrepreneur and font dabbler, Dan Cederholm.

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    SimpleBits LLC
    203 Washington St. #302
    Salem, MA 01970 USA

I’m passionate about design, making stuff, type, photography, exploring, and intentionally misspelling words. I previously co-founded Dribbble, a community for designers, and have been a designer, author, and speaker on design and web stuff for the last few decades. I also host a podcast for creative folks called The SimpleBits Show. I'm based in Salem, Massachusetts.

This little brand (which started as a blog nearly twenty years ago) is an intersection of a whole host of interests for me. It's my design outlet, font foundry, and storefront—a place to create the things I want to see in the world.

Advencher Supply Co.

Advencher Supply Co. A mini brand now under the SimpleBits umbrella, I started making "outside stuff for inside people" back in 2015. Advencher is a tongue-in-cheek take on an outdoorsy goods company. You’ll see Advencher gear in the SimpleBits shop and I'll continue to grow the brand here.

The mission here is pretty simple...

Be Genuine & Useful

I admire things that are made with purpose by real, caring humans. Things I personally want to see in the world and use every day. This classic quote from the Shaker tradition of furniture makers sums the goal up nicely:

“Don’t make something unless it is both necessary and useful; but if it is both necessary and useful, don’t hesitate to make it beautiful.”

So here at SimpleBits, I’ll continually strive to design and make genuine things that you might also want to use every day.

Pay It Forward

1 Percent for the PlanetIt’s paramount for me to set a structure for paying some of our good fortune forward. As a member of 1% for the Planet, we donate 1% of our annual sales to organizations that help preserve our environment.

Sharing the Journey

DanI owe a tremendous amount of my professional success to the knowledge shared by others. The early web, for me, was a fountain of free information as well as a supportive, generous community where I taught myself everything I use today. Starting a blog, speaking at events, and writing books on web design has not only given me a chance to help return the favor, but also has helped me codify my own grasp on a particular skill. We learn by doing and sharing.

To continue that tradition, I'll be using SimpleBits as a case study to share thoughts on making merch, brand and product design, entrepreneurship, and cautious exploring.

Thanks for coming along on this journey with me.



Dan Cederholm, Founder