Vault Alarm Font

Vault Alarm Font

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For years, I’ve walked by several of these “Vault Alarm” boxes on the side of old New England banks. Someday, I’d love to turn that lettering into a font, I’d say. I finally made that a reality!

Vault Alarm is a chunky, quirky, display sans-serif I designed based on those handful of letters. It’s all-caps with numbers and basic punctuation—plus a few bonus alternate characters (G, Z, #, &). It comes in Regular (sharp) and Soft (subtly-rounded) which are both included.

The download includes OpenType, TrueType, WOFF, and WOFF2 file formats. I can’t wait to see what you design with it.

Super Simple License Agreement

  • Don’t distribute the font
  • Don’t modify and then distribute the font
  • Don’t be a jerk
  • Purchase the appropriate license
  • Be kind and wash your hands

We donate 1% of our annual sales to organizations that help preserve our environment.

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