Logo & site design June 2005

In the true spirit of the web, microformats are designed for humans first, taking advantage of what works today. Built on exisiting standards such as XML and XHTML, microformats are a new way of thinking about markup, exposing the visible data that’s already in page content.

SimpleBits was contracted by the folks at CommerceNet to design a community site for microformats, featuring a weblog, wiki, and discussion outlets, as well as information on microformats and the people involved with them.

A simple, inviting template was created, utilizing lean markup and CSS for it’s presentation and layout. Curvy boxes and navigation treatments are unhindered by varying text sizes or content amounts, ensuring that microformats.org is bulletproof.

Part of the design process was creating a logo for microformats that represented smaller pieces building on top of larger standards. The result shows bright green at the top, the natural sign of “new growth” — precisely what microformats embody.

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