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Recommended: Ben Sherman Sneakers

sneakerI often call myself “1/2 vegetarian”, as my wife is a full 100%. Meals at home are usually meat-free. But I can also claim that my feet are 100% vegan, thanks to a pair of Ben Sherman “Compton” sneakers from (I’m not getting paid to mention this).

It’s like a pair of suede Adidas, minus one stripe, and in (breathable) canvas. This particular pair has been nestled in the dark reaches of my closet for the past eight months or so — emerging last week for the summer season. Here’s to meat-free shoes.

SimpleBits T-Shirts Reprinted

t-shirtThe bad news: the Summer sale wiped out our inventory of official t-shirts. The good news: they’ve been reprinted, and all sizes are now back in stock. A slightly darker “bluestone” shirt (100% cotton Hanes Beefy-T) was selected this time around, with the same 3-color screen print, centered on the front. Apparently, t-shirts rule.

Typography Resources?

Attention to typography can be as important as anything when it comes to design. And with the web’s limited typeface choices, it’s only natural to gain as much knowledge as possible on the subject — getting creative with the little we have to work with. In additon, it’s amazing how the visual quality of something can be drastically increased by choosing the right typeface as well as understanding creative ways to control and present it.

So I ask for your recommendations: what books or online resources provide the best, most helpful information regarding typography — identifying typefaces, how to best utilize type, etc.? I know there is most likely an endless amount of information out there, but knowing where to start is essential.

Potentially Useful Photoshop Tip #1

I rarely read manuals. I realize my productivity could be drastically improved if I studied the tips and tricks related to the things I use in my everyday work. But instead, I end up happily discovering time-savers as I go along. Sometimes years after using the same application over and over.


Elbow Etiquette

There is an extremely serious design issue that continues to plague the travellers of the world. I estimate that this problem has existed for centuries — or at least since the invention of the armrest.