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MacWorld 2004

It was sort of a lackluster MacWorld Keynote today. While the iPod Mini looks cool, it’s only $50 less than the normal-sized iPod that’ll now hold 11 more gigabytes of tunes on it. Hmm. I think many of us were expecting an iPod for around $99 or even $149. Don’t get me wrong though, the size is spectacular. Heck, my old-school iPod only holds 5 gigabytes and was a heck of a lot more than $249 at the time.
I was most excited to see GarageBand, a new digital music recording app added to the iLife series. Maybe now I can get off my lazy ass and use my Mac to record some music again.
I realize there are plenty of professional recording applications out there, but the ease of use looks amazing — and I’ve been casually searching for a dead-simple recording program that does essentially what a four-track tape recorder would do. Something to plug into and record — without the bells and whistles. Looks like GarageBand might be fun to play around with.
Lastly, no new PowerBooks! As you may know, I was waiting to see if there would be any new models announced before purchasing a 12″ version. I guess it’s safe to buy — although in a few weeks time they could easily announce new models. I’ve come to the realization that there is no perfect time to buy. One could continue to wait… and wait. And there will always be a better deal on the horizon. Ah well.

SimpleQuiz › Part XI › Image Floating

First things first, many thanks to all of the readers of SimpleBits for making 2003 a great year. It’s been fun chatting about standards-compliant design, the subtlties of minute markup comparisons and… beer. I’m already looking forward to continue with bigger, better things in 2004.

Figure 1
Figure 1

Mike Papageorge had written in a while back with a SimpleQuiz suggestion concerning the floating of an image and caption within content.
I thought it may be an interesting bit of markup to discuss, so I’ve whipped up the following question.

But first, take a look at Figure 1. Ha! By floating Figure 1, I’m demonstrating precisely the situation that this question refers to: An image floated to one side, with a descriptive caption underneath. Content text will wrap around the entire package.

Now, on to the question. While I’ve illustrated only three methods, there are surely many more combinations that could achieve simliar results. Try to take into account how an unstyled view of the different methods would appear as well.

Q: Which method makes the most sense when floating an image and caption within a body of text?

  1. <p class="floatimg">
      <img src="image.jpg" alt="good alt text here" /><br />
      Description goes here
  2. <div class="floatimg">
      <p><img src="image.jpg" alt="good alt text here" /></p>
      <p>Description goes here</p>
  3. <dl class="floatimg">
      <dt><img src="image.jpg" alt="good alt text here" /></dt>
      <dd>Description goes here</dd>