1. web says:

    Ah, you just jinxed us. I thought there was an unspoken law amongst bo-sox fans not to speak of this date. Now I have to flip my cap inside-out again and say the alphabet backwards 12 times while rubbing my lucky rabits foot. I hope im not up till 3 am, again tonight.

  2. Keith says:

    Oh man, don’t say that…Now we’re going to have to don our rally caps up here in Seattle too. It’s going to take quite a bit of mojo to beat the curse and those damn A’s.

  3. Nedward says:

    I’m sitting here at work, listening to the game in my headphones, and I am getting so angry, co-workers are wondering why I’m banging the desk so hard. It’s hard to restrain oneself after they kept me up until 2:30am in last night’s debacle.
    Still, in ’99, the Sox came back from 2 games down to beat Cleveland in the ALDS…

  4. Ryan Parman says:

    I used to like baseball… that is until the 1994 strike… then again a couple of years ago. If the baseball players don’t have a love for the game, then why should I? Besides, when I used to like baseball, I liked the A’s…
    It’s all about football now…

  5. Brian Peddle says:

    The sox will take this to game 5. They are too strong at home to lose these next 2. If they can score a few off Lilly early they will shake what little confidence he has.

  6. Dan says:

    Oops. I sure hope I didn’t jinx us. I certainly didn’t help. 0-2, but back to Fenway. Rally cap firmly in place.

  7. Jai says:

    What do you all think of the Bronx Bombers? ;)… Yankees win… Theeeeeeeeeeeee Yankees WIN!…
    As much as a rivalry the New York area fans seem to have with the Boston area fans… I kinda feel sorry for the Sox and their fans. I can see why you think they’re jinxed. They always seem like one of the top teams in all of baseball almost every year and then come October, the Amazing(ly awful for a 120 Million dollar payroll) Mets could beat ‘em… I hope they get outta this series alive. I won’t say that if they play the Yanks though, but you can hardly blame me for that ;)

  8. ben says:

    Ah, bo sox lovers. It’s a tough life for you guys. I understand the hatred you hold for the Yankees, and I love it. I pray the Red Sox make it to the ALCS – because you know the Yankees will. With a heavy heart, we’ll have to send you guys back up to that little nook called New England. Sorry. Maybe next year…

  9. I’m rooting for the Giants to take the pennant. I’d love to see the Yankees play Boston for the series with Boston beating them in seven. However, I think the A’s are a stronger team this year, and they’ll likely take the series in four games or less. I figure Boston will win game 3. However, they did choose to pitch Lowe at the end of game 1, which could come back to haunt them if they get swept. Here’s hoping they don’t. I’d like to see the Cubs take the series with Atlanta and then go down in flames to the Giants. My guess is that the series is going to be Giants vs. A’s just like the 1989 series. Except this time the Giants will win and there won’t be a fat earthquake during game 3.

  10. Tom Clancy says:

    Don’t worry about it. Remember this is a struggle that will be rewarded in the after-life. As a great man once said, “It is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than for a Yankee fan to pass into Heaven.” That being said, our Great Offense made it’s bones against a number of crappy pitchers. The A’s do not have many crappy pitchers. Or any so far.

  11. Chris says:

    Sorry for the off-topic posting, but help! :)
    I have a div with a margin-top: 2px;, this displays the div exactly 2px underneath another element in Mozilla, however in IE it’s displayed as 4px space. Is there any hack and/or fix that will correct this in IE?

  12. Mike says:

    Chris, make sure that your height and margin-bottom is well-defined for your top element. Some browsers will let you get away with that, and some won’t.
    For more CSS related questions (anybody), check out the CSS Forum. Its a great resource for finding web design answers, and people usually respond to your posts right away.

  13. Brian says:

    I really am looking forward to the Yankees not winning the World Series and seeing Steinbrenner melt down. If the Sox fail to make it Torre may be sitting in the Boston dugout next year and Cashman may find himself in Chicago.

  14. Dan says:

    Let’s get those rally caps on for tonight’s must-win at Fenway. I myself, am hoping for a Cubs/Red Sox World Series. But if that does indeed take place, it may be sign that the world is coming to an end.

  15. Rahul says:

    What? Huh? Baseball? I thought the link was because the site is coded in XHTML…

  16. Chris says:

    Mike, thank you so much. heh
    I didn’t try the height attribute but it worked like a gem! Thanks!!

  17. Dan R. says:

    Marlins take Giants 3-1
    Forget about jinxing anything — against the Marlins, no team has a chance.
    Go Fish!

  18. Dan R. says:

    Oh, btw: no fingernails remain here in South Florida after the last two games…

  19. Brian Peddle says:


  20. Dan says:

    Brian – I second that! What a day for a Red Sox fan. Down 0-2 and now there’s a game 5 with Pedro starting. Incredible.

  21. Niket says:

    Goddamn m**** f**** BRAVES, WILL YOU EVER WIN!
    Another disappointing end to an otherwise great season for us.
    Well, at least the sox took the duel to the fifth game. Good for you.

    / \
    \ \
    | |
    / -|----\
    | |----|
    | |----|
    \ |----|

  22. Niket says:

    Oops, that was s’posed to be ascii-art thumbs-up. Sorry.

  23. web says:

    Looks like rubbing my rabbits foot worked so far, one more to go. [knocks on wood]

  24. Dan R. says:

    I feel sorry for all those Cubs fans out there — it’s a shame they had to wait 95 years just to go up against the Marlins…
    So what do you think: Marlins/Red Sox in the World Series? ;-)

  25. web says:

    I would love nothing more than to eat some stinkin’ cod during the world series! I wonder if Cinderella brought a corked bat to the ball?
    When did this go from geek fest -> jock rock? The power of a post.

  26. web says:

    BTW: The “rally cap” really works, I had an entire bar in Boston turn thier caps inside out Saturday night. Shortly after, there was a Trot Dinger. I will be adjusting my cap @ 7:45.

  27. Brian Peddle says:

    I am going with Red Sox 5 – Oakland 2 tonight.

  28. Dan says:

    I hate to say it, but ever since I posted the cap, the Sox have won two in a row. I’m hoping it works one more time, tonight.
    It didn’t come through in the comments, but web’s rally cap is a work of genius.
    Brian – Sounds good to me. I’ll take 5-2 tonight. We’re also (over)due for a Manny blast.

  29. Brian Peddle says:

    Dan and Eric I hope you don’t mind a I grabbed your cap and rally cap images … and added in Rally Karaoke Guy for and extra measure of luck.

  30. Brian Peddle says:

    4 – 1 WOHOO WOHOO!!!!!

  31. Brian Peddle says:

    5-2 or 4-3 it adds up to 7 and a win ….

  32. Manny's Mom says:

    Dan you called that Manny blast!

  33. web says:

    You totally did call that Manny blast. Thats was so awesome. Here come the yanks.

  34. jonathan says:

    What an incredible game. Manny was definitely due. I scared the crap out of my dog jumping and yelling when I saw that ball leave the yard.
    I don’t know Dan, you might not want to post anything else for a while. The cap seems to be helping :)

  35. steve says:

    Big ups to the Red Sox, even from this Yankees fan. I couldn’t believe the antics of the classless moron next to the Boston dugout last night. What an ass.

  36. Dan says:

    Jonathan – I think the cap is working as well. I’m seriously frightened to push it down.
    What an amazing game. It doesn’t get any better than that as far as baseball games go. But now we have 14 more potential games to worry through. I’m ready.

  37. Wow, what an awesome end to the Sox, A’s series. Man it would be sweet to see the Yankees lose to the Sox in Game 7 at home, with Pedro pitching a complete game. Steinbrenner hates Pedro like no other. Then the Cubbies will fry the fish and take the NL. Cubs vs. Sox in the Series, with the Sox coming out on top, ending the curse. Just remember, in 1918, the Sox beat the Cubs…will history repeat itself?

  38. Mike says:

    Man did you see that last pitch of the game?
    That’s such a difficult pitch to throw, I remember trying to screwballs in highschool when I played baseball, but it would mess my elbow up. Not only does that guy’s ball break opposite of a curve ball, his drops down bigtime too.
    I think he calls it a “backdoor slider”.

  39. daigo says:

    What is wrong with you DAN! mentioning that date. I’m going to have to flip you off like Kim Byung-hyun

  40. Dan says:

    That last pitch was amazing. It almost looked like camera trick.
    Daigo – heh heh, but ever since I posted it, the Sox have won three in a row. I of course attribute this post to their entire success.

  41. Matt says:

    Congrats from a depressed Cards fan in St. Louis. Here’s to beating the Yanks, if it could possibly happen.

  42. Tom Clancy says:

    I’m seriously frightened to push it down.
    I don’t see how you could move it in good conscience. It’d be all on you if they lose now (even if the Sox rotation is a mess compared to the Yanks right now). As opposed to my girlfriend, who asked me right after Manny’s home run, “So what happens after they win tonight?” I shrieked, ran upstairs and watched the rest of the game from there.

  43. Jai says:

    I heard some crazy Sox fan went to Babe Ruths grave and prayed to lift “the hex”. Um… If you were the Babe, what would you say?
    I gotta say, this may be the best possible series for MLB. It should boost ratings based on Rivalry. I mean, I’ll watch it!

  44. Matt says:

    I think Sox fans would murder you in cold blood if you made another post before they lost a game.

  45. Dan says:

    The hat continues to work its magic. One down, 3 more to go…

  46. Manny's Mom says:

    If you disrupt the hat, so too goes the Red Sox luck. Beware! Behold the greatness of the hat.
    Vive la “simplebits.com/archives/2003/1whatever/1918.html#comments”
    Until further notice, this is THE only page simplebits page.

  47. web says:


  48. Brian Peddle says:

    We can realistically go up 3 and 0 in this series if Lowe pitches well tonight. I think our bats are finally getting hot and we have scored plenty of run on the Yankees all season. I think it is 5 games with 10 or more runs them.

  49. Tom Clancy says:

    We can realistically go up 3 and 0 in this series if Lowe pitches well tonight.
    Yeah, right up until you said that.

  50. Brian Peddle says:

    I also said we would take it to 5 games and later said we would win game 5. Until they stop doing what I am saying I will stick with it.

  51. Keith says:

    As you can imagine, I, being a die-hard Seattle Mariner’s fan, am right there with all you Bosox fans. First they knocked off the hated A’s and know they’re looking good and hanging tough with the even more hated Yankees.
    Keep that rally cap going and here’s to the impossible: a Cubs/Red Sox World Series!

  52. Dan says:

    Well, it appears the hat’s run has come to an end. But – it was a great one. Four wins in a row, and poised to take the ALCS from the Yanks. Pedro on the mound at Fenway tomorrow.

  53. Brian Peddle says:

    I think it is time you add the rally hat … maybe you can start posting again but at the start of each message have the hat. If we just lost use the rally hat if we won use the regular cap. You also will need to paint your face red and do the posting in your underwear for it to truly work.

  54. copperdogg says:

    Dan, how about you write a book about how you just jinxed the red sox?
    I would buy a copy of that.
    Yanks in 6,

  55. Jeremy says:

    Go Sox. Thats all I have to say.

  56. p says:

    sorry to be all canadian here, but i can’t wait til baseball is over so the simpsons can be back on FOX at a regular time on my cable provider. if it where hockey, things would be different, but we all know FOX sucks at covering hockey.

  57. Mike says:

    Sorry about the game man, I was rootin’ for them.

  58. Another Canuck says:

    I’m sorry but why are you all wearing your hats inside out. I’m sitting at home watching 40,000 people in fenway wearing inside out hats…..at first I thought I was delusion because I’m sick, but then it was in the paper today. Can someone enlighten me?