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The Camino Project

Wired: Camino. Tired: Chimera. So I guess they had to change the name. “The Camino Project” sounds like either a really bad 80s buddy-cop movie, or my new favorite band name.

That aside, I’ve slowly begun to realize that Chimera Camino is my favorite browser, although I still have IE open at all times as well. I want to be a Safari fan, but I think that’s a little ways off yet.

Namespaces make my head hurt


“…enabled one working group to take a simple, well understood tag (perhaps the single most important tag on the web, since hyperlinks are the most defining aspect of the web), and make it needlessly different, and more complex…”

He’s got some good thoughts on the XML namespace debate going on at the W3 this week. The quote above refers to XLink and how it is proposed to complicate the simple and most important a tag.

Macromedia redesign

Macromedia has redesigned. I like the earth-tone colors. The Flash performance seems a bit sluggish, but perhaps the site is getting unusally amounts of traffic since they relaunched. Everyone is redesigning these days. All for the better it seems.

Color Harmonizer

EasyRGB’s Color Harmonizer is a handy tool. Enter an RGB value or hex color as a base and it will find “color harmonies” — colors that look nice with the original. Sure they’re picked by EasyRGB, but it could be really useful if you’re stuck coming up with accent colors, and it works surprisingly well. (link via zeldman)

Microsoft Blogger?

Scripting News:

“On Wednesday last week at a meeting unrelated to weblogs, a Microsoft exec let it slip casually (heh) that the next version of FrontPage does blogging.”

Well, it’s inevitable. But it doesn’t really matter what tool you use to write a weblog. Some use Blogger or MoveableType, others like myself write their own system — and still others don’t use a weblog app at all. Many will not touch FrontPage with a ten foot pole, but it could be positive for weblogs. Then again, I can see all sorts of proprietary nonsense added in by Microsoft. We shall see.

Doggiebox drum machine

Doggiebox is exactly what I was looking for. A dead-simple drum machine that has very few bells and whistles and does one thing really well. It’s also a native Mac OS X application. The default drum kit samples are surprisingly useable and realistic and it only took me 5 mintues to create a beat.