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Protect those PowerBook screens

The boss-man has hooked me up with a new 15″ PowerBook. Sweet, but also with something to protect the screen from the keyboard. Apparently it doesn’t take more than a few back-and-forth’s from the office to scratch the screen up (caused by the keyboard rubbing against). So get yourself a little neoprene strip from Marware that just covers the PowerBook’s keyboard so that when closed, the screen won’t get scratched from friction. Highly recommended — especially since it’s only $7.

Another Shuttle Lost

I don’t really need to link to it, it’s of course on every televsion channel and web site this morning. It really brings me back 17 years to when the Challenger was lost. It was January then as well. What’s amazing to me is that we actually travel to space. That we’ve walked on the moon. Maybe someday somewhere even farther away. Even travelling in a commercial airplane amazes me. Still, it’s as sad as it was 17 years ago.