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Google buys Pyra Labs (Blogger)

Dan Gillmor:

“Google, which runs the Web’s premier search site, has purchased Pyra Labs, a San Francisco company that created some of the earliest technology for writing weblogs, the increasingly popular personal and opinion journals.”

Wow, that’s pretty huge. It brings up all sorts of questions. I’m starting to be afraid of Google — that maybe we start relying on them too much, but it’ll sure be interesting to see what they do to improve Blogger. This is certainly good news for them, and well deserved.

Nick Denton comments on the Google/Pyra deal, as well as Dave Winer.

Bucket Ball

We’ve invented a game at work called Bucket Ball. It involves a trash can with a diameter of 8 and 3/4 inches and an
8 and 1/2 inch 4-square ball. The difference of 1/4 inch is incedibly important, as over or under this amount would
result in gameplay that is either impossible or too easy. The gameplay of Bucket Ball involves elements of basketball,
tennis, bowling, quarters, and chess. Anything can happen in the BBL.

Two players sit in a chair at either end of a 14 foot long by 3 foot 2 inch wide “court”. The bucket sits at dead center.
Each player tosses the ball toward the bucket. One bounce and in results in 1 point. Two bounces and in the bucket
results in 2 points. Three bounces. 3 points (this have never been done before in competition or otherwise).

The first player to achieve 3 points wins the match. Knocking over the bucket with the ball results in a foul.
the opposing player receives two shots — one foul shot and his or her regular turn.

Strategy plays a large role. The bucket can move around the court as a result of the ball hitting it. It is only
reset to center after a point is scored or a foul. A person can only win by scoring exactly 3 points. In other words,
he or she cannot score two consecutive 2 point shots in a row. The player must score a 2 point shot and a 1 point
shot to win, or three 1 point shots

Scoring of the game is much like bowling (illustrated below). Three boxes for the 3 necessary points for victory.
Each box marked with an “X” for each point scored. If a 2 point shot is made, one “X” is marked across two boxes. Similarly if the ever elusive 3 point shot is achieved.


Our first championship tournament is next Thursday, and I of course will be covering the events on this site.

Netscape’s DevEdge redesigns

To practice what they preach, DevEdge has redesigned using a table-less CSS layout. Eric Meyer has added CSS drop-down menus and text sizing among other features. It’s always great to see site after site redesigning using CSS for layout — leaving those 5 year-old browsers behind (but still being accessible to all).

Konfabulator: whatever you want it to be

Konfabulator is an interesting new OS X application that lets you make it do whatever you’d like it to. Developers can create “widgets” using XML and JavaScript that do various tasks — reading RSS feeds, to-do lists, weather updates, stocks, calendars, etc. A full tutorial walks you through the basics. The beauty is that the possibilities are truly endless while more widgets are created and made available to plug right in.

New Christopher Guest movie

A Mighty Wind:

“Christopher Guest follows up his acclaimed ensemble comedies Best in Show and Waiting for Guffman with a docu-comedy about three folk groups from the 60s who reunite for a memorial concert in New York City following the death of a legendary folk manager.”

Wow. The trailer for this looks incredibly funny. All the same cast memebers from Best in Show are back. Can’t wait.

Dave’s live weblogging session at Harvard

Went to Dave Winer’s live weblogging session at
Harvard last night.
About 30 or so people showed up for what turned out to be some pretty interesting discussion. I wasn’t exactly sure what “live weblogging” would be.
Do all of us just sit in a room and write on our weblogs? Actually, it was much more sensical than that. Dave would “post” a topic, and a
(live) discussion “thread” would emerge. If a topic seemed to be dragging along, or taking up too much time, an entirely new one would be

Some of the highlights included:

Donna Wentworth (Copyfight) has
blogged the entire discussion on her site. Which is just strange, yet
useful at the same time.

Safari updated

Safari has updated today. Looks like they’ve fixed a number of CSS bugs already. For some odd reason, the navigation on this site did not work in previous versions, but the update has fixed.

Find Low Gas Prices

“We monitor gas prices across the country so you can get the best deal in your area. Search our database to find the lowest gas prices in your area. Prices are updated frequently by users like you.”

Cool idea. My zipcode came up with nothing, but then maybe I should become a spotter.

Cuban Council

Cuban Council (the biz site of some of the people behind Kaliber 10000) is one of the more original portfolio sites I’ve seen in a while. What I like most about it, is that it’s one long scrolling page. Really exceptional design stuff going on here.