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December 16, 2002

HotBot has relaunched. This time it’s XHTML/CSS driven thanks again to Douglas Bowman. He talks more about the redesign on his site.

I used to love HotBot (before Google), and it looks like they’ve packed some new features into this new version.

Creative Commons:

“Creative Commons released version 1.0 of its Licensing Project, and the first release of content under its Founders’ Copyright. These are the first two projects in a series that Creative Commons will launch, all designed to help expand the amount of intellectual work, whether owned or free, available for creative re-use.”

This is a pretty great thing — an alternative for licensing creative material that even Roger McGuinn of the Byrds is using.

December 14, 2002

Reason I love using CSS #1045: specifying a background image floats the image above the background color. Neat tricks can be done. So if I do…

background: #000 url(“image.gif”) no-repeat top left;

…and the image is partially transparent, then whatever color is specified (black in this case) will shine through the image. Nice.

There’s something nice about the British pound coin. It’s small, yet thick. The advantages are that they don’t take up a lot of room and they’re easily picked out among lesser valued coins. I’m sure this was designed unpurpose. I bring it up because for the first time I have in my possession two US gold dollar coins. They’re only slightly larger than a quarter but gold, which doesn’t help when you’re fishing around your pocket for one. It’s just not different enough. Thicker is better. Does anyone use these things yet?

December 13, 2002

So apparently Moby was attacked outside of the Paradise rock club here in Boston. Why would you want to beat up someone like Moby? A skinny guy who often speaks about non-violence. And furthermore, why would it take 3 guys to beat him up? More info and commentary from Moby himself on his weblog.

December 7, 2002

Speaking of RSS, does your RSS feed validate?

Was just reading a fascinating post by Anil Dash on using XHTML instead of RSS. I agree with him — with a little standardizing of div names and classes — one could have one format for display and syndication. Makes so much damn sense. Afterall, XHTML is a repurposing of XML. Here’s another nice viewpoint on this. Makes you think, and I’m sure this guy doesn’t like the idea one bit — or if he does, he’ll start claiming he invented XHTML.

An amazing full-screen QuickTime VR panorama of Times Square in NYC. (via k10k)

December 6, 2002

It had previously been snowing for over 24 hours straight here in Salem (albeit, a light snow). It just stopped maybe an hour ago, the skies opened up, and here’s the view out my home office window. The snow is already melting. It’s spring! Oh wait, it’s not even winter yet. Anyhow, I wish my sinuses would clear up like the sky did.

Enjoy the new NaDa 0.5! This is simply the best piece of software I’ve come across. From the NaDa web site:

“NaDa 0.9 was a system software extension, but the new improved NaDa 0.5 is just a document of 1 byte.You don’t have to restart your computer for installation. It is simpler than ever. We hope to reach our final objective by delivering NaDa 0.0 by the end of the current year.”

Some examples of UFOs appearing in 15th century European art.

December 5, 2002

I’m pretty sure that these telephone jack powered products are a joke, but I’m wondering if some of this is possible — I’m thinking there is power coming in from the phone lines, but how much? In any case, it’s sure funny.


“The Mac and its fans constitute the equivalent of a religion … This religion is based on an origin myth for Apple Computer, heroic and savior legends surrounding its co-founder and current CEO Steve Jobs.”

Part 4 of an interesting series on the cult of being an Apple fan.

December 4, 2002

There’s somewhat of an artform in creating tiny, useful apps — case in point: Searchling, a little “G” that sits in your menubar in OS X. Click it, and a little floating search box appears for instant Google searches. Results appear in your browser. Can’t get any quicker than this.

I’m in the middle of battling the worst cold I’ve had in a while, and the 2nd one already this winter. Geez. Kerry was kind enough to bring home some Alka-Seltzer Plus cold medicine a few nights ago. The package came with a little matchbox car (pictured above right). I like matchbox cars that come with cold medicines.

So there’s a reason for yet another subtle design change for this site. This is a design idea I had been working on for a separate portfolio site, but I decided it’d make more sense to fold that in here. So there’s now a portfolio page (yes, very tiny right now) where I hope to attract more projects as I have the time for them.

There are still some issues with the photos page that I need to fix, but other than that things should look ok. Force reload if something looks completely weird.