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April 2, 2002

I’m addicted to seltzer. Yes, carbonated water. We buy the stuff on the right by the case. I find Polar brand to be the best value. Sure Poland Spring is decent, but it only comes in plastic bottles. Any true beverage afficianado knows that alumnium cans conduct cold longer and better than plastic. It just tastes better. Second only to glass of course. Which leads me to a rant: Why is it that all Coca-Cola commercials show the actors drinking from full, 12 or 16 oz. glass bottles, when you can never find these in stores anymore? Sure, maybe in Mexico or Canada, but all we have in the USA are those tiny 8oz. ones. Argh. False advertising. Which brings me to my next point: I’m thinking that the next wave of online advertising will be “product placements”. Images of products (and only products) stuck randomnly throughout web pages. A well-taken photograph of a coke bottle in the middle of an article would do wonders more than a blinking, flashing 468×60 pixel banner at the top of the page. I’m half serious about this.

In other beverage news: Get ready, Vanilla Coke is coming. Now, this could be incredibly good, or horribly bad. Good for Coca-Cola though, for trying to mix it up a little.

April 1, 2002

Macromedia would like a Flash-only Web. Flash is great and all, but there are so many problems with relying on it 100% right now. Interestingly enough, the article quotes the author of SVG Essentials — now, that is something I need to learn more about. An opensource, XML-based, vector graphics standard. SVG is the real deal.

Bummer about the Red Sox. They come back from down 7-1 in the first inning, only to lose. 12-11. Only 160-something odd games to go.

April 1st. Opening Day at Fenway Park. (11-11 at the top of the 5th) CPAN is now CJAN, AMD buys nVidia and starts AmVidia, and Google lets their secret out on how they rank pages – using pigeons, of course. Gotta love April Fools Day.