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March 10, 2002

For some unknown reason, I just remembered La Bastille — a group of Brown University students created a Tetris game on a 10 story campus building. Amazing. They basically networked 10,000 lightbulbs to create the monster version of the game. Even Woz flew in to play.

Debating whether or not to watch the “9/11″ documentary tonight. Reviews say it’s a class act. I sure hope so.

March 9, 2002

Just started work on a new XML-ified version of Publish Jr.. It’s going to be miles ahead of the current one in so many ways. I’m really embracing XML full on these days. It’s worth all the hype.

Today’s lunch is worthy of noting: Firey Asian Sour Noodles. Sautee your favorite vegetables (carrots, frozen peas, peppers) with ginger, garlic, peanut oil, soy sauce, rice vinegar, a dab of black bean sauce (to thicken), dried red peppers (the firey part) and lime juice (the sour part). Cook some soba-style noodles, and add them to the mix. Crushed peanuts and cilantro on top. Eat.

March 6, 2002

Not that I’m all that handy, but this DIY web site is pretty killer. I feel like I could replace everything in the house after reading this. Although, it never quite turns out the way the carefully explained instructions go, does it?

March 4, 2002

Thank You For Stopping by Jack Handey.

Looks like it’s official (wasn’t it already though?): Be Inc. to dissolve itself and shut down on March 15th. It’ll be interesting to see what Palm does with the technology, or if any of the BeOS appears on Palm devices. I dream of a color, wireless Palm device that runs BeOS. Could happen I suppose. Anyhow, it’s a shame that it died on the desktop.

March 3, 2002

My lunch today:
1 Small Blank Angus filet mignon steak, briefly marinated in a bath of equal parts lime juice, soy sauce rice vinegar w/ grated ginger and hot pepper flakes. Also, stir-fried green beans in olive oil and this amazing Japanese black bean sauce. Topped off with sesame seeds. For starch I chose “french fried potatoes” (curly, zesty Ore-Ida brand, of course).

My wife and I joined the Y today. I’m going to be one sore dude tomorrow.

March 2, 2002

Just signed up for a free subscription to XML Magazine. Saw it on the newsstand yesterday. Looked interesting and helpful enough — plus it’s free.

Out of nowhere, I’m now able to choose 1152×870 @85Hz while in OS X. I was previously denied this pleasure, having to stick it out in 1024×768 land. It really makes a difference though. I’m sure you’re as excited about this as I am. I’m just wondering why I’m able to choose this all of the sudden. Might be part of the 10.1.3 update.

Another OS X tidbit (tidbit? what a word…): in any Finder window, hit Command + ~ and an input box sheet will scroll down. Type in a unix path and it’ll go directly to that folder in the Finder window. Neat.

March 1, 2002

Two great albums from “back in the day”: Operation Ivy was kicking around the office today. I had forgotten how genious these guys were. Real pioneers even. Also, I was so damn into this album back when it came out (’94?) — and it still sounds great. Is Lotion even still together?

Very cool animated gif, pixel cartoons.

Looks like some BeOS diehards are trying to port the interface to Linux. Won’t be the same as the real deal though, will it?