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January 16, 2002

Who would’ve guessed that Vic Firth, the company that’s been making its famous drumsticks for years, now makes incredibly nice pepper mills?! I can attest to the fine mechanism in said pepper mill. The wood is top-quality, of course, and the grinding capabilities are endless. From a fine dust, to a coarse crumble, this thing is amazing. I cannot believe I’m talking about a pepper mill like this.

January 15, 2002

An interesting documentary on PBS by that Ken Burns guy — Mark Twain. Apparently, the guy wrote some books and liked riverboats and stuff. No, actually, it’s been an educational thing. Mark Twain has quite a past, and I had no idea that Huckleberry Finn was such an important book.
Amazing, but it seems Microsoft can make some great software. Case in point — Office for OSX. Some great work went into this, and Microsoft’s Mac team obviously knows what they’re doing.

January 13, 2002

I’ve never owned a motorcycle, and probably never will — in fact in the summer, we’re bombarded with the obnoxiously loud sound of bikes tearing down the street. Anyhow, I was just watching a Discovery Channel documentary on this dude, Jesse James in Long Beach, CA that makes some incredible looking bikes under the name West Coast Choppers. Apparently they go for around $40K, and customers include Shaq and some other WWF type guys. Oh well… maybe he makes mini-bikes?
Playing around with iPhoto today — fantastic piece of software, and the best part: it’s free.

January 12, 2002

For the first time in 10 years, I own a Mac at home again. It feels good. OSX has made a believer out of me. With the doom of BeOS so fresh in memory, it’s nice to get excited about an operating system again. Enough OS religion…
Supercade — a gloriously photographed history of video games. Any fan of old-school arcade and home systems will love this book. The pictures are incredible. A great christmas gift from my wife.
Oh, and if you haven’t clicked on the Ninja link from the post below this one. Do it. Now.

January 9, 2002

This is, quite frankly, the funniest thing I’ve seen in a while. The Official Ninja Homepage: Real Ultimate Power. Props to dogg for the link.

One summer, a long while back while I was working at Rounder, I had the pleasure of cataloging an endless sea of CDs in a disgusting, dirty warehouse that happened to be directly underneath Fort Apache — the place where some really outstanding music has been recorded. Anyhow, I slogged through the most monotonous work I’ve ever done while listening to the muffled, vocal-less, kick-ass sounds of this album while it was being recorded—at the time never knowing exactly who it was up there. Some time later, a co-worker put a CD on the overhead stereo and I immediately recognized it (this time with vocals) as my summertime companion soundtrack. I’m reminded of this since I just dug this gem out and played it again for the first time in a while. Damn it is a good record.
I’ve acknowledged the fact that I use fresh, cracked pepper on just about everything.

January 7, 2002

So, the new iMac was unveiled today — pretty damn cool, although the monitor is a bit small, and I’d be worried about upgrading it down the line. I was hoping for G4s that break the 1GHZ barrier. Next expo…
Soy chorizo and potato taquitos from Trader Joe’s — highly appetizing, humbly priced and moderately healthy.
I’m reading A Walk in the Woods — Bill Bryson’s first-hand account of walking the Appalachian Trail from Georgia to Maine. It’s fantastic, and in many places hilarious. I just hit a point though, that bummed me out. I won’t go into further detail in case any of you (the 4 that read this site) would like to read it. I’ve vowed to start “hiking” (whatever that means) when the weather gets warmer. We’ll see how long that lasts.

January 3, 2002

Yikes, some of the concept cars from the LA Auto Show are insane. Car design is getting wackier and I guess that’s not such a bad thing.
More rumors swirling over what’s to be un-veiled at Monday’s MacWorld Expo. SpyMac has some video of something called an “iWalk” — an Apple PDA of some kind. Looks cool, and possibly authentic, but who knows. If this is what all the hype is about though, I think I’ll be disappointed. Flat screen iMacs seem to be likely, as well as 1GHZ+ G4 PowerMacs. I’m at least hoping the latter is true.

January 2, 2002

Hmmm… I guess Apple is really hyping the MacWorld Expo announcements for next Monday. Frankly, I’m pretty damn excited myself. G5? Maybe.
Naked, by David Sedaris, is a damn hilarious book. It takes a lot to laugh out loud at something you read. This book does it. Repeatedly.

January 1, 2002

Happy New Year. I have this feeling 2002 is going to be a good year. I have hopes. With the New Year, most European countries have adopted the Euro (€) as their standard currency. You know what’s weird? I still haven’t seen a U.S. golden dollar coin yet. Are they still around?
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