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Found via a discussion about blogrolls and favorites over at mezzoblue, I’ve just started playing with — a browser-based blogroll/favorites organizer. After only a day, I’m hooked.

I just couldn’t get myself into a routine using an RSS aggregator, instead idiotically refreshing my favorite weblogs throughout the day. What a waste of time. With, it’s easy to set up a list of your favorite weblogs, ordered by how recent they’ve been updated. It becomes a portal of sorts — the first place to check before reading your favorite sites. It feels more natural to organize this stuff right in a browser, and I much prefer to read posts in their actual environment anyhow.

Also found on the same mezzoblue discussion — a link to Phil Ringnalda’s brilliant bookmarklet that’ll search for the current page that you’re on. Then you’re just one click away from adding to your favorites list as you browse.

Oh, and you can pick up your list via a variety of different ways (RSS, OPML, JavaScript). Pretty neat. I realize I’m probably way late to the game.


This past summer, razor maker Schick had announced the Quattro, a four blade razor. It’s pretty obvious they’re trying to “one-up” their competitor Gillette’s Mach 3 (which only sports three blades).

What’s next? You can already predict a “Mach 5″ with five blades — or maybe Gillette will skip over five and go for the even six. This could continue for years, and we can look forward to a razor that holds 12 blades, letting you shave in one stroke.

If I had the cash (and/or desire) I might look into starting my own razor company and beat them both to the puch with a five or six blade razor of my own. Why would someone buy the Mach 3 when they could buy a razor with five blades on it?

Personally, I like the Mach 3 just fine — but even better would be a razor with one blade that actually worked, and lasted longer than a few weeks.

This same “One-upsmanship” exists in all sorts of industries. Products touting “0 Carbs” are showing up all over the place, KFC is setting the record straight, announcing that eating their fried chicken is healthy because it’s a “high protein, low carb food” (they, in fact, are comparing the fried chicken to Burger King’s Whopper — where the chicken comes out essentially the better of two evils). Everything is Super-Sized and just barely better than any other competitor’s product on the market.

So, what’s my point? Is a world with four blade razors and zero-carb french fries better than a world with three blade razors and regular-carb fries?

Still Chewing

My (sugarless) Bazooka gum lost its flavor approximately 2.5 hours ago — yet I’m still chewing it.
Remember the bubblegum that came with Topps baseball cards? I loved that stuff. Hard as a roof tile, chalky as hell, but somehow delicious. It also would get wax all over it from the wrapper, which may or may not have added to the flavor. Unfortunately I’m told they no longer package the cards with gum like this any more. Those were the days…
Coincidentally, I’ve found that Bazooka gum is made by Topps. So there you have it. The next best thing I suppose.