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Panther Notes

  • Feels snappier, more responsive. I like that the pinstripes are played down a bit.
  • Is it just me, or does Lucida Grande look “skinnier” in Panther?
  • Finder‘s sidebar is handy, and it’s nice to have those same shortcuts in open and save dialog boxes.
  • Mail improvements are nice. I’m not sure why they went with PostFix over Sendmail, but it does seem darn fast. I like the options when hovering over an email address (send a mail, add to addressbook, etc.).
  • Exposé is fantastic — especially when you activate screen corners. It’s a little awkward having to go up to the the Function keys, but moving the mouse to one of the corners is fast.
  • Tabs in Camino are now a little funky. It’s inheriting Panther’s new button tab theme and something just ain’t right. Minor.
  • Fast User Switching is amazingly great. Previously, you had to quit all applications in order to log another user in. Now, you can leave everything open. I’ve heard that setting up different desktop environments is a neat way to take advantage of this feature. One “user” for writing, one for graphics or development — with all of the associated applications open only in those areas.

    I’m wondering though if this would affect system performance (having all those applications open at once, even though they are in different user accounts). I’m assuming it would.

  • I completely rendered my PowerBook useless after playing with Font Book. I guess I should have read the Help before attempting to drag n’ drop new fonts in. Somehow I managed to delete all of my fonts, which in turn crashed all running applications and the Finder. Things are pretty much back to normal now, although Verdana and Times look slightly different than they did before the disaster. Possibly unrelated.

    Be careful with fonts.